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With all the exciting technology that has come along over the years, the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) has had the most impact on consumers. However, basic banking services haven't changed much in over half a century.

Until now.

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The IBank Network delivers basic banking at the Point of Sale
without the need for consumer provided technology

A Win-Win-Win Platform

For the Unbanked

Participate in Electronic Commerce. Eliminate the need to spend thousand$ on Alternative Financial Services.

For Merchants

Reduce the costs of accepting Electronic Payments by 95%. Provide much-needed services that drive consumers to your business.

For Banks

Relieve banks of unprofitable services. Return funds to the banking system that allow banks to do what they do best: Lend Money - Make Investments.

23% of the global adult population lack access to basic banking services.
65% of them also lack the requisite technology to access today's so-called "innovative" banking platforms.

  • Traditional banks can't solve this problem. Banks lose, on average, $70 per low-moderate income consumer and 93% of all branch closings are in low-income neighborhoods.
  • Low to moderate income consumers need Free Banking and Branch Access.
  • Merchants need to reduce the costs of accepting electronic payments and micro-merchants need a low-cost alternative to traditional payment networks.

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